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                      中文 | ENGLISHWelcome to shaanxi huashan road and bridge group co., LTD.!



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                        Shaanxi Huashan Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. is a diversified joint-stock construction enterprise, subordinated to Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Corporation. It was founded in December 1998, with registered capital of RMB 200 million Yuan. It has many qualifications, such as Grade-I qualification for general contracting of municipal public works and housing construction engineering, Grade-II qualification for general contracting of highway construction, and Grade-I qualification for professional contracting of foundation and fundamental engineering, and earthwork construction, etc.

                        The Company has strong human resources and technical equipments. There are 1360 employees, 509 professional technicians, 168 staffs with intermediate and senior titles, and 83 constructors/associate constructors. The Company has 282 sets of special construction machinery, with total power of 24864.7KW.

                        In recent years, the Company has successively undertaken a lot of provincial/municipal key highway projects, such as Buddha’s Light Avenue in Shaanxi Famen Temple, Xi'an Daming Palace National Heritage Park, Xi'an Louguan Taoism Culture Exhibition Area, Lantian Road in Xi'an Yanliang National Aviation Industrial Base (CAIB), Tongchuan Zhaojin Red Tourism Town, Connecting Line Project in Yan'an Yinjiagou New and Old Town, Municipal Road Engineering in Airport New Town, expansion project of Yingbin Avenue in Xi'an International Logistics & Trade Park, Bahe Bridge project in West District of Lantian County, municipal public works at Yunzhong Road in Xinzhou of Shanxi Province; Xuanyuan Zijun Plaza in Baoji City, Xi'an Hi-tech Zone Software Apartment, Xi'an Gaoxin No.1 Primary School, Xinglong Community, price-limited commercial housing of Mingyuan Sishifang in Guozhen Town of Baoji City, Sanchan Comprehensive Building at Daijiawan of Baoji, urban village reconstruction project in Jiangchengbao of Baoji City, prison affordable housing in Hanzhong; Taibai Section of Fubei Highway and Jiangmei Highway in Fuping County, transit section of National Road 307 in Dingbian County, Hanzhong Chengbao Grade-I Highway, and Grade-I highway along the Yellow River in Erdos, etc.

                        In view of scientific management and advanced technologies, the Company has ranked top 50 in Shaanxi construction industry for many consecutive years and also been rated as one of the outstanding construction enterprises in the whole country. In 2011, it was successfully nominated into "Top 100 Enterprises with Comprehensive Strength in China's Construction Industry." In recent years, it has been repeatedly awarded as "National Excellent Construction Enterprise", "Excellent Construction Enterprise in Shaanxi Construction Industry", "Advanced Enterprise in Shaanxi Construction Industry", "Top 50 Enterprise in Shaanxi Construction Industry", "Excellent Enterprise in Project Construction Quality Management of Shaanxi Province", "Good Creditworthiness Enterprise in Shaanxi Province", and Grade-A taxpayer credit rating, etc. The overpass of T3A Terminal in Xi'an Xianyang International Airport, undertaken by the Company, successively won "Chang'an Cup" award (Provincial high-quality engineering) under Shaanxi construction project, national municipal golden cup demonstration project, and national high-quality engineering. Other projects such as Zhaojin Red Tourism Town, the interchange at Zhiyang 4th Road, Wuhu Road in Yangling Demonstration Zone, and Buddha’s Light Avenue in Famen Temple successively won "Golden Prize Demonstration Municipal Projects in Shaanxi Province" and "National Municipal Golden Cup Demonstration Project", etc.

                        Shaanxi Huashan Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. has carried forward business spirit of "faithfulness, struggle, collaboration and innovation", adhered to management concept of "fine management and quality/efficiency improvement", and made great progress for strategic objectives of "proceeding from Shaanxi and expanding towards the whole country". The Company has attempted to provide high-quality projects and satisfactory services for business partners and users.